Our Vision

The SOLARIO Project is one of the pacemakers for the so-called Energy Revolution. Turning every house, every car, and many other devices into Micro Power Plants, connecting them to establish local Micro Power Grids, and at the same time, lowering the costs for energy dramatically.

Imagine a world where energy is available when you need it where you need it, without polluting our beautiful planet. This is your chance to make a difference - support the Energy Revolution!

Jeremy Rifkin about the 3rd Industrial Revolution

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Greenpeace about the Energy Revolution

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Our Mission

At SOLARIO, we strive for 100% clean, renewable energy all around the world. Thanks to our unique SOLARIO Technology which is up to 3x more effective than regular photovoltaic systems we have the power to make it happen.

Join our movement now and we are able to install Micro Power Grids in every country, every city, every neighbourhood. Together we can change the world by bringing cheap or even free green energy to every household.

Our Technology

At SOLARIO we are combining the best of nano technology, solar technology, and blockchain technology. Thus, we are planning to establish micro grids, serving households and businesses all around the world with cheap and clean energy.

The SOLARIO Technology is based on a unique nano technology, coating a durable material with ultra-thin layers of multi-patented solar-energy blends. As a result, our high-efficient solar modules produce up to 3 times more electricity than regular photovoltaic systems, and at the same time, we are lowering production costs by at least 25% due to a much faster production cycle without the use of any expensive silicon.

SOLARIO Prototype

Multifunction Prototype for energy, light and storage

Based on the same technology, SOLARIO Tiles can be designed with multiple functions like lighting, heating, cooking, and storing energy. Imagine a building, where outside the roof and the facade is producing and storing clean energy, while inside our technology is used for lighting, heating, and cooking.

We have reached the first agreements to have our technology installed as a part of a ‘green’ steel production project in Vietnam, as well as a coating for a new electric car model that is being developed for African countries.

SOLARIO Vouchers

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Solario Vouchers (SOLR) will soon be traded on different exchanges.


100 kWh SOLARIO Energy


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Solario Technology comes to life through diverse partnerships with many companies around the world.
If you have an interest to partner with us, contact us at solario [at] safezone [dot] info

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